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We look forward to welcoming you to our undiscovered, unspoilt and memorable county.

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We pride ourselves on extending a very warm welcome to all our guests on our 400-acre organic family working beef and sheep farm.

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The farm is nestling beneath the tranquil Breidden Hills, where wildlife abounds, in the picturesque Severn valley.

Farming News

Lane Farm History

Lane Farm has been here since the 1600’s but we arrived in April 1998 to farm its 209 acres and in the autumn of 2001 had the opportunity to take over Middle Farm with 184 acres, both farms form part of the Criggion Estate. All of our land is very close to the rivers Severn and Vynwy causing the majority of the land at both farms to flood at certain times. We diversified in 2000 with the extension to the farmhouse being completed enabling us to offer Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast accommodation.

Farming Life

With the grass now growing well, we shall soon be cutting for hay and baled silage. Most of the cows have now left for their new homes, with just a handful of cows and calves  and the finishing cattle left for us to sell later in the year. The lambs are growing well and we shall be shearing during  the first full week of June. We have one bottle lamb still at home, "Larry" the lamb, he  will be weaned when the last bag of milk powder is finished, he is with a ewe lamb who did want him but her milk dried up, so they are keeping each other company, in the front paddock. We have a waiting list for the ewes and ewe lambs when we are ready to sell, which is a lovely position to be in.

Despite having the reduced number of stock we are still busy, clearing  up and sorting  out, repairing any broken fences, and tidying up yet again from the winter floods. 

Some fields are still too wet to cultivate for the cover crop for the shoot, but hopefully with some hot sun and a gentle breeze they will soon improve.

Bed and Breakfast

We are only allowed to have 6 people staying at any one time if they are from different addresses, and in that case we are only able to offer room service with a basic breakfast and I am afraid the sitting room is not available . We are allowed to have more people staying if they have formed an extended  bubble and in that case, they can use the dining room and sitting room.

All a bit complicated and we are so sorry we cannot offer the usual Lane Farm B&B experience 

So, please call 01743 884288 to check availability

 Stay safe and take care.


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  • Great Location
  • Comfortable & Modern Rooms
  • Stunning Views
  • Hearty Breakfast
  • Ample Parking